Mafuta Alipo Mu Tank

Mafuta Alipo Mu Tank

Dear Friends,

I hosted our parliamentary candidates, drawn from the Southern, Lower Shire and Eastern political regions, to a campaign strategy formulation session at my residence here in Blantyre.

The rationale behind this session was to brainstorm, share notes and encourage the candidates to remain focused and resolute in the face of a heated campaign. We also reminded them to follow the dos and don’ts of a political campaign.

All in all, it was a fruitful exercise and in fact the candidates left energized with the campaign starter-pack materials I donated to each one of them. We are geared to campaign here in the southern region and the entire country like never before!

We will leave no stone unturned. Unlike in the past, MCP in this election, has torchbearers in all the 193 constituencies to root for Dr Lazarus Chakwera’s presidential bid. We have the energy to crisscross the country to canvass votes for Dr Chakwera. “Mafuta alipo mu tank” and I promise you that we, as your leaders, will leave nothing to chance!

However, the mission to liberate our country from the cartel which is looting and plundering state resources and install a credible leadership is neither a one man show nor it is a 100 men show. It is for every patriotic Malawian to be actively involved.

I therefore appeal to you patriot, to personally campaign for Dr Lazarus Chakwera, the man who is ready and steady to govern! Remember the timeless creed: “nothing for us without us.” I appeal to you to convince your friends to convince their friends to vote for Dr Chakwera.

In this election, we have Dr Lazarus Chakwera as the only credible and plausible presidential candidate to move Malawi forward. Others have been weighed on the scale and found desperately wanting! Let us #BuildANewMalawi by voting for Dr Lazarus Chakwera as our republican President!

Sidik Mia